TNA Assistance

Member Assistance for Completing Total Nitrogen Applied (TNA) Reports

For an additional $100 per year (*optional), CCGC will provide members with the following assistance for completing TNA reports:

      • CCGC staff phone assistance help completing TNA reports (due in March 2018 for 2017 crop year for Tier 2 (high risk crops) and Tier 3 growers)
      • Double check math calculations
      • Web based tools for downloading
      • Daily/weekly worksheets by field record keeping tools
      • Hold regional workshops to cover issues related to completing TNA reports
  • Non-Members must rely on Regional Water Board staff for assistance or use ranch employees/private consultants.

*TNA assistance can be added to a membership at any time; either at initial sign up or afterward.  Click here (link to be updated) to request adding this to your membership.

Click Central Coast Tiering for FAQ about your ranch Tier level assignment