TNA Assistance

Member Assistance for Completing Total Nitrogen Applied (TNA) Reports

Included in membership costs CCGC will provide members with the following assistance for completing TNA reports:

      • CCGC staff phone assistance to help complete TNA reports (due March 1, 2019 for 2018 crop year for Tier 2 (high risk crops) and Tier 3 growers)
      • Double check math calculations
      • Web based tools for downloading
      • Daily/weekly worksheets by field record keeping tools
      • Hold regional workshops to cover issues related to completing TNA reports
  • Non-Members must rely on Regional Water Board staff for assistance or use ranch employees/private consultants.

To schedule TNA Assistance email the CCGC Membership Manager (please include your CCGC Membership ID # found on your renewal packet) with a description of your specific questions, if any,

Click Central Coast Tiering for FAQ about your ranch Tier level assignment